Finally, some news, and information about “The Project”

First of all, sorry for the inactivity in the last few weeks, I´m glad you still stick with me!
The waiting was worth it:

That said, I´ll show you some first pictures for the project:
The transformer in real life
Original at home

Car outer finished
Modeled Front

Car outer finished backside
Modeled backside

car side
Side Rendered

car wireframe
Wireframe Side

As some of you might know, I´m working on another transformers live action project, and the last few months I have been busy drawing concept art, doing some basic modelling and so on on a villain type of character who will be fighting an epic battle with “Espressobot”.
I have also spent lots of time upgrading my hardware and getting up to date with certain skills that I think I´ll need during the project, such as a 1080p monitor (for the renderings), a “Wacom bamboo fun” pen and touch tablet (for concept art, I have practiced that a lot, also textures and sculpting), and last but not least, a D-SLR camera, more specifically a Canon EOS 600D with a kit lens, which will be used in future for live action shots, reference for models and character animation, and is due (I HOPE!) to arrive tomorrow…
I have also taken a lot training on various things like concept art and texturing, modeling (I really can recommend the vehicle modeling training DVD), sculpting, cinematography and camera tracking + integration with compositing. So that is basically the whole program. I am also learning some other software such as 3ds max + vray (student licences are free for 3 years) and mudbox (same here). Don´t judge me on doing that, it would be senseless to just stick to one program if you are free t broaden your skills with a whole range of them and gather experience!
I am also thinking about what I will do after school, tendencies are that I study media design (with animation and programming integrated in the program), to learn to be a professional and maybe land a job as animator. Sounds real good IMO.
With all that stuff going on next to school (my finals are in one year) and other stuff I enjoy doing other than on the computer, you might understand why you haven´t seen a lot of videos in the last few weeks.
As an apology I am thinking about trying on doing a VLog update as soon as the camera arrives, so stay tuned in on my channel (You might see my face for the first time :O scary).
This is the car the decepticon transforms into, it is a red BMW 318 ti. I have modelled the outer part, the interior is still due to be done.
Head sketch
transformation mockup
The Transformation sketched out

This is concept Art for the design of the decepticon. I only have side views because I am not quite sure what I want it too look like from front and decided to find that out while modeling.
Oh yeah I have to say drawing this with a mouse just would not be fun – near to impossible IMO – but the GIMP + Bamboo combination works magic!
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Last but not least some rendered images of the first block of the head that is based on the concept art. Of course there still has to come lots of detail and some gaps have to be filled, but I´m quite happy where the first big shapes have come! I don´t really like the way the lower jaw sticks out, I wanted it too look like a dangerous dogs mouth and not like a stupid fish 😀 So that definitely is something to be worked on 😉 I am happy with how the neck works and some shapes like the ears and the upper half of the face kinda form an evil streamlined look.
I will try to do updates on this more regularly, so if you are interested in the project it would make sense to check on this Blog around weekly, or follow by e-mail 🙂 Also if you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel, consider doing that (TheRobbi5). I also have twitter, and I post pictures of my projects there too sometimes, also an architectural visualization project I have (same user name).
Since I don´t really like the way Blogspot works and want my own portfolio website anyways, I´ll try to build one soon (probably with WordPress) and move the Blog there, but I´ll let you know of course when I do so.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I´ll answer as best as I can.

Author: Leah Lindner

Hi, you are looking at the portfolio of a German-English game developer with a focus on graphics programming. I love finding out how things work and visualizing them in a creative way using computer technology. I first became interested in computer graphics when I started creating 3D art using Blender in 2008. After majoring in programming at secondary school and also teaching myself digital painting, I moved to Belgium to take a Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment. Following work on projects in both film and video games, I have increasingly focused on graphics programming, and moved to Brighton to work as a GameDev at Electric Square.

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