Planet Renderer

Announcement: Starting this week, every sunday I will be writing a blog post about the progress of my graduation work.

The topic is researching and implementing the creation of a real time planet renderer, with the deadline at some point next January. This is a topic I have been wanting to approach for a while now, so I have been pushing to be allowed to implement this topic as my graduation work.

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Hello world!

#include <iostream>
void main()
std::cout << “Hello World” << std::endl;

I have merged my old blogspot blog with this wordpress blog on my new website, so all posts after this one are OLD – as in, before I started higher education.
I added this stuff because I think it’s a nice way of documenting the progress I made over the last few years. 😀

Cheesy Gravity Simulation

Gravity cheese cube planet
Everyone knows that the moon’s made of cheeeeese

W.I.P .. inspired by “Wallace and Grommit” and a series on How Gravity works on Youtube by HellstormDe


I managed to capture a moon with the planet which gets into orbit for half a minute before starting to crash violently into the planet, scraping it at every pass and kicking “debris” into space:
Orbiting cheese cube moon