Dragon Sculpt improvements

4:20 AM..
Dragon Sculpt Blender Screenshot

What colors shall I give him?
He will be living  in the Andes, devouring a sheep or 2 every month, gliding between mountain ranges and swooping down on his prey. (Maybe that helps)

Also a shout out to James for keeping me company on my dragon quest, see his very own mission to unraveling the mysteries of dragon spawning.


Just a simple comparison.
The difference that treating Blender as a cool program with mystical features that still have to be learned
and treating Blender as part of a digital art pipeline makes. Mind you that’s 3 years more experience.
Dragon modelling improvement

By the way both times I was inspired to do this after watching “How to train your Dragon”, a really awesome animated movie.
If you really want to see my disgrace from back then here is the link:
Stay tuned to see what happens to that dragon next..

Head Details

Another small update… the camera will probably arrive around Friday, because there where some problems with transferring the payment to the bank account of the reseller, and shipping takes 5 days.

After finishing an informatics test at school I had time to do some more modelling on the head. The mayor to middle details are laid down now, so I´ll probably continue with some other parts of the body.
Decepticon Head Details
Transformer Head Details Vintage
The vintage style composited picture also makes a nice Desktop background by now IMO 😉

Good day to you


Finally, some news, and information about “The Project”

First of all, sorry for the inactivity in the last few weeks, I´m glad you still stick with me!
The waiting was worth it:

That said, I´ll show you some first pictures for the project:
The transformer in real life
Original at home

Car outer finished
Modeled Front

Car outer finished backside
Modeled backside

car side
Side Rendered

car wireframe
Wireframe Side

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