Navmesh | Dx Graphics

banner showing the navmesh built in blender
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For this project I implemented a techdemo that showcases AI behavior in a small Zombie game.
The project was created in a DirectX engine called the Overlord Engine that was half made by my college (Digital Arts and Entertainment) and half by me. The Project was written using C++ and DirectX | HLSL.

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zombies on a staircase chasing humans with a star path finding

Here is a list of engine features I wrote myself:

  • Navigation mesh support
  • A* Pathfinding for Grids and nav-meshes
  • Flocking steering behavior
  • Behavior trees
  • Shadow mapping
  • Skinned animations (GPU)
  • Text and Sprite rendering
  • All HLSL shaders
  • Billboard Particles
  • Skybox
  • PhysX Character Controllers

You can view the shaders when downloading the project in the resources folder.

Tech demo with zombies chasing people using A* path finding
grid based A* path finding c++
navmesh pathfinding for crowds in c++